Pilau (V)

Basmati rice cooked with fragrant herbs

Sade Chawal (V)

Boiled rice

Mushroom Pilau (V)

Pilau rice with fresh Mushroom & onions.

Mutter Pilau Rice (V)

Pilau rice with sliced onions & fresh garden peas

Chilli Pilau Rice (V)

Pilau rice with onions & fresh green chillies

Anda Pilau Rice (V)

Egg pilau 

Naan (V)

Leavened bread with a hint of butter

Keema Naan (V)

Stuffed naan bread with spicy mince

Peshwari Naan (V)

Stuffed naan with sweetened almonds & sultanas

Garlic Naan (V)
Cheese Naan (V)
Onion Naan (V)
Chapatties (V)
Tandoori Roti (V)
Paratha (V)

Fried unleavened bread

Aloo Paratha (V)

Stuffed with mince potatoes

Pickle Tray
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