Vegetarian Appetisers

Onion Bhaji (V)

Thinly sliced onions covered in spicy garam four & lightly fried until golden brown.

Samosa (V)

Crispy triangular pastry stuffed with spicy vegetables.

Allo Ki Tikya (V)

Potatoe cake with roasted cumin, red chilli and dry coriander seeds and a generous helping of fresh coriander.

Garlic Mushroom (V)

Buttered mushrooms & crispy nuggets of potatoes with a generous helping of fresh garlic.

Stuffed Baingan (V)

Ravia (baby aubergine) stuffed with spicy onions and crushed pomegranate seeds served in home made spicy yogurt with chopped onions and hint of Tamarind chutney.

Chilli Paneer (V)

Diced home made Paneer with chopped bullet chillies, tomatoes and a hint of dry Methi (fenugreek leaves).

Paneer Stir-fry (V)

Slices of home made Paneer lightly stir fried in a sweet and sour chilli sauce with onions and peppers.

Paneer Tikka (V)

Lightly marinated chunks of home made cheese tossed with lightly crushed cloves, served on a griddle with tandoori masala on bed of sizzling onions. 

Bhaji Mix (for two) (V)

Mixture of bhajis.

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